Loud Pipes Save Lives: A Biker Church Story

777Crew 2016 Biker Blessing

Loud Pipes Save Lives: A Biker Church Story

By Matt Hill “Padre”

For years bikers have stood by this mantra, with many wearing patches and stickers with this sentiment. Whether loud pipes save lives or not continues to be debated, but in our experience, they add a bit of flare and context to a prayer over bikers.

As we consider the very definition of what it means to be part of a fresh expression of Church, Travis Collins reminds us that this new expression of church must be centered around the resurrected Christ while also being contextualized, indigenous, or fitting into the local context where we now find ourselves ministering in the name of Jesus.

So, the question is, what can we leverage in our current context and culture for the sake of furthering the Kingdom and the spread of the Gospel? As a member of Triple Tree Ministries, a motorcycle ministry focused on reaching bikers in motorcycle clubs with the Gospel, I wanted to leverage loud pipes as a part of our annual biker blessing to infuse worship with the context of the motorcycle subculture. Read More


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